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The Case for Using Solar Panels in Ireland

As the technology behind renewable energy develops with each day, the case for using solar panels in Ireland strengthens. New developments have made solar panels more affordable and efficient than ever before, making them useful throughout all areas of Ireland. If you’ve been thinking of switching to renewable energy sources, now might be the perfect time to make your move. In light of new schemes announced to encourage spending on solar energy, here’s the case for using solar panels in Ireland.

Drastically Reduce Energy Bills

The latest solar technologies developed in recent years have allowed new solar panels to be immensely efficient. Compared to traditional energy sources, the costs you’ll experience are minimal when using a solar source of energy. Comparing monthly electricity bills, it’s not uncommon to hear about halving costs through using these panels. Although the initial investment required to acquire these panels might take some saving, the savings you’ll experience over time will mean you have more money in your pocket.

Easy to Maintain and Manage

In addition to lowering your electricity bills, Irish solar panels are very easy to maintain and manage. If you’re considering getting solar panels, but are worried about the potential maintenance requirements, you should know that there’s minimum intervention needed. Although the initial installation of the panels requires professional assistance, there’s no need for you to adjust the panels afterward. Most Irish owners of these panels have remarked about not having touched the panels for years after installation. The low maintenance and management needs of these panels is yet another reason to consider making an investment.

Plenty of Different Applications

Considering that solar panels are easy to maintain, it makes sense that they are very flexible in terms of possible applications. The flexibility of solar panels allows you to start big or small depending on your budget. You might want to use these panels for a small cottage you have on your property, before considering using it for your main residence. Furthermore, if you own a set of properties, you can immediately have these panels installed for instant energy generation. The many uses of solar panels make them a versatile choice for energy generation, whatever your situation.

Independence from Major Energy Sources

An added benefit that comes with the many uses of solar panels is the fact that it gives you independence from major energy sources. Whenever major energy streams face blackouts and other downtimes, you’ll have complete immunity. You may have experienced events where the entire neighbourhood is placed into a blackout due to a faulty major electricity supply. If during these situations, you had installed solar panels, you would circumvent the blackout. When seeking independence from major energy supplies, Irish solar panels are definitely the way to go.

Completely Renewable and Sustainable

While maintaining your independence from major energy supplies, you’ll also do your bit to help save the environment by using solar panels. Major sources of energy are often sourced from processes that are harmful to the environment, such as combustion. By switching to renewable energy, you directly reduce your carbon footprint, which is fantastic news for the environment. The sun is about as renewable and sustainable as it gets, meaning solar energy is the perfect choice for anyone wishing to reduce their impact on the environment.

Government Tax Rebates and Grants

As an extra incentive towards getting you to make more sustainable choices, the Irish government has developed a range of schemes to help you make your first solar panel purchase. One of the most notable programs on offer is a solar panel grant of a few thousand euros to eligible homeowners and businesses. The application process for these grants is relatively simple, making it easy for you to get some financial support for buying these panels.

Summary – Solar Panels in Ireland

In addition to grants, the government has also instituted tax rebates and offsets in relation to new solar panel investments. These tax offsets will drastically reduce the total tax you pay each year, giving you an indirect subsidy. These tax incentives are different for individuals and businesses, meaning you should read up on the details of the policy before making any purchases. Either way, both the grant and tax incentive schemes should help propel you towards buying some fantastic Irish solar panels.

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